Fax Broadcasting Service

We Guarantee to Beat Your Current
Fax Broadcasting Service Rate
or Pay You $500

The following is a list of the benefits of our fax broadcasting service.

  • You pay $0.03 per page or Less
  • Discounts for quantities of 50,000 fax pages or more per month
  • Only successfully sent faxes are charged----If a fax takes 2 minutes to send, its still 3 cents or less per page


  • Free In-House Service
  • Superb Responsive-Quality Service
  • And We Are Dedicated: Customer Care is A Premium

We Truly Would Like The Opportunity To Serve You 

In Return You Receive

  • Savings -- Guaranteed Lowest Price
  • Convenience -- Easy To Use Set-Up
  • Detailed Reports – Tracking And Reporting Of All Activity
  • Efficiency -- Cost Effective and Faster than doing In-House!

Automatically Retries and of course we answer all removal requests!

Therefore ...

This Is A Fast & Efficient Way to Distribute Information 

You Pay 3 Cents Or Less -- And If We Can Not Beat Your Current Fax Broadcasting Service Rate ...

You Will Receive A Check For $500.00 Guaranteed!

Let our Dedicated Staff Serve You and Your Company

Thank you in advance for this opportunity 

Start Your Fax Broadcasting Service Order

Fax Broadcasting Service Uses:

  • Direct Marketing to your customers

  • Promotions & Specials

  • Newsletters

  • Investor Relations Information

  • Communicate with your Valuable Customer Base

  • Offsite Emergency Communications

  • Inventory Information

  • Price Lists/Rate Sheets

  • Account Status

  • Inter-Office Bulletins

  • Forms Delivery

  • Trade Shows & Events

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