Broadcast Faxing
Guaranteed Lowest
Price or We Pay You $500

How Much Is Your Time Worth? 

Have you thought about Broadcast faxing as a way to add hours to your day?

  • Save Thousands Or Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Off Software, Long Distance Charges And Hours Upon Hours Of Your Time 

  • We’ll Take Care of your broadcast faxing-----You Run Your Business

Consequently, this will allow you to focus your time on growing and running your business as well as make your employees time more productive thanks to our state of the art Brooktrout software.


Our broadcast faxing pricing will be the GUARANTEED LOWEST (no one is lower!!)

Or we will pay YOU $500.00.

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How Do You Get Started with Broadcast faxing?

Simply register for the service and begin faxing. There is no software to download and install. Once registered, you can send us an email with your document and we can begin broadcast faxing your message.

Fax Broadcasting is Easy to Use

We provide a hassle-free environment, complete with: 

  • Automated toll-free number removal service, (incase you send a fax to a wrong #)
  • Area-code update maintenance
  • Customized cover pages

Start Your Broadcast Fax Order Here

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