Broadcast Fax 3 Cent or Less

Or We Pay You $500

  • Add a 2nd page for only 2-cents

That’s right!

When you send a single fax, don’t you always include a cover page? So why don’t you do this when you do a broadcast fax?

Naturally, because it costs more money - by doing this you add credibility to your offer and you double the chance of your fax reaching the right individual.

Remember a (2) page fax is less than our competitors charge for (1) page.

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With 3-cent fax broadcast -

You Can Send Out A Cover Page And Your Fax Document
 For Less Than What Others Are Charging For One Page! 

If you send out more than 50,000 per broadcast fax, we will add that cover page for 1 cent. Period!! ...

Again, why is the Cover Page so important?  Because it will make sure the right person reads your fax!

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What more can we add for FREE?? How about GRAPHICS

Graphics are Welcome!

Why do other companies charge for graphics? Obviously, it takes longer to transmit. We understand. However, with 3 cent fax broadcasting, it doesn’t matter if you add graphics. Why? Because we still charge our guaranteed low price of 3 cents per page.

We want your company to be successful - the better you do
 the more business you will send our way

Graphics Are A Great Way To ....

  • Draw Customers In To Read Your Message
  • Brand Your Product Or Company
  • Illustrate A Product

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We Will Beat Your Current Broadcast Fax Rate or Pay You $500

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